The amazing work of non-profit organization Billy for Kids

Millions of people around the world deal with poverty, and probably the kids are the worst affected in the entire situation. Most kids don’t have access to a safer environment, and they don’t even have the basic necessities, which include food, clothes and shelter. With no footwear, kids often suffer from parasitic and other bacterial diseases, which are borne in the soil, including conditions like soil-transmitted helminthiasis. Billy for Kids, which is a known organization founded by Billy lerner, aims to change that by donating shoes to underprivileged children.

Working extensively under the vision of its founder, Billy4Kids also aids organizations to help kids and ensures extensive donations for varied countries. In recent times, the founder has been rewarded with great achievements, mainly for the extent of reach of this charitable institution.  Billy Turner, who is also the CEO of family owned garage facility iPark, distributes a fair time in daily management of the NGO.